ABC Annual Conference Special | Austrian Blockchain Landscape 2023 Update | Green Tech | Regenerative Finance and Financial Inclusion

🚀YES, WE DID IT AGAIN ! Austrian #Blockchain Landscape 2023 RELEASED 🇦🇹 – Remember 2022? What has changed in the ecosystem since then? Proudly present: Presentation of the new Austrian Blockchain Landscape 2023

 The new Blockchain Landscape Austria for the year 2022 will be presented by blockchain expert Robby Schwertner, also known as CryptoRobby, Clemens Wasner, CEO of EnliteAI and by representatives of the DLT-Austria Association. CryptoRobby launched the Blockchain Landscape in 2018 together with Clemens Wasner, last year DLT Austria joined as an additional cooperation partner. The aim of the landscape is to present the most relevant Austrian companies and initiatives in the field of blockchain ecosystem. This year, we will focus on new developments in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, we present new companies working on web3-use cases, innovative initiatives supporting NFTs and new startups. 


Prof. Alfred Taudes (WU Wien), Kai Siefert (CPO Riddle&Code) and Dr. Markus Franke (Co-Creator of Celo and CEO Mento Labs) will give a keynote on the development in the Regenerative Finance (ReFi) space.  


Keynote: The Austrian Ecosystem and beyond (Alfred Taudes, WU Wien)


Keynote: Green Tech goes Web3 – Anchoring trust at the dawn of Artificial Super Intelligence (Kai Siefert, CPO Riddle&Code)


Keynote: ReFi and Financial Inclusion (Dr. Markus Franke, Co-Creator of Celo and CEO Mento Labs)


We are thrilled to present the Austrian #Blockchain Landscape 2023 at the evening before the Austrian Blockchain Conference 2023.



  • Robby Schwertner [CryptoRobby], CEO INNOMAGIC GmbH
  • Clemens Wasner, CEO EnliteAI GmbH
  • Prof. Alfred Taudes, WU Wien
  • Kai Siefert, CPO Riddle&Code 
  • Dr. Markus Franke, Co-Creator of Celo and CEO Mento Labs


Monday | May 08 | 6 PM | weXelerate Vienna


ABC Annual Conference 2023: