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What is the MiCAR Roundtable Series?

The MiCAR (Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation) Roundtable Series is a high-level event series organized by Validvent, thinkBLOCKtank, and Siedler legal to enhance legal certainty in EU crypto markets. These exclusive, invite-only gatherings bring together regulators, practitioners, and public authorities to discuss the implementation of MiCA across Europe. Each event features keynote speeches by distinguished regulators, presentations on practical challenges, and in-depth discussions. Key insights from these discussions are compiled into comprehensive reports.

Validvent role in the Series

Our involvement in the MiCAR Roundtable Expert Series is crucial. We organize and facilitate these roundtables, providing essential platforms for dialogue on EU crypto market regulations. Our expert team defines discussion topics, moderates conversations, and ensures all key questions are addressed. By engaging stakeholders and sponsors directly, we foster a collaborative environment for meaningful dialogue and consensus building. We also consolidate insights and conclusions from these discussions into comprehensive reports. Through these efforts, Validvent not only facilitates important industry discussions but also helps steer the direction of regulatory frameworks in the digital finance landscape.

Our Partners

The MiCAR Roundtable Expert Series is a joint effort of Validvent, Siedler Legal, and thinkBLOCKtank. These roundtables are made possible thanks to the contributions of our esteemed partners:


Our MiCAR Roundtable Expert Series is expanding to key locations, bringing together industry leaders to discuss and shape the regulatory landscape of the EU crypto markets. Here are the upcoming states where our roundtables will be held:

Upcoming Locations


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